Inverter Generator Buying Guide

Still can’t decide on the right inverter generator for you? Try to answer the following questions to narrow down your choices further.

Where Will You Use the Inverter Generator?

Portability is a major advantage of inverter generators but as you can see from the selection there is still quite some difference in portability between the different models and manufacturers.

For camping trips, the lighter the better. Look for a model that has a comfortable grip and wheels that will roll well on uneven ground.

For RV trips, you can manage with a slightly larger and heavier model since you won’t have to carry it around. For RVs it is worth the extra weight when you also get more power.

Also, remember to check the noise and greenhouse gas emissions for the area you are visiting. Having an inverter generator that is both EPA and CARB compliant is your safest bet.

How Long Does It Need to Run?

This is probably the most important question for an inverter generator that you will be using in outdoor spaces. What are you planning on running on the inverter generator and how long does it need to run for?

Most product descriptions mention the run time at a quarter load and full fuel tank. This means that you need to do some calculations if you want to be sure that you won’t loose power.

Make a list of all the electrical devices you want to charge or run on the inverter generator. Then project for how many hours it will be connected during your excursion.

Don’t forget that the mentioned run time is at a quarter load. This means that the inverter generator will not run as long when you’ve connected a larger load.

How Much Noise Can You Tolerate?

Inverter generators are already much quieter than conventional portable generators so that is a plus. However, there is still some difference in noise levels between models.

Check the regulations regarding noise for campsite or nature reserve you are planning on going to. There is no point of bringing along a generator that you cannot use.

What Is Your Budget?

The final question to ask is how much you are willing to spend. Of course, the greater your budget, the more features and reliability you can expect.

However, you can still find affordable inverter generators of good quality. You don’t need to spend a fortune.