When an Inverter Generator Is Better Than a Conventional Generator

There are key differences between an inverter generator and a conventional generator. These differences is how you decide whether an inverter generator is more suitable for you than a regular portable generator.

When You Don’t Need a Lot of Power

The main disadvantage of inverter generators is how much power they can produce. Whereas a fuel-powered portable generator can reach 10,000 watts or more, an inverter generator cannot produce more than 6000 watts.

Whether this poses a problem depends on what you will be using the generator for. An inverter generator doesn’t have enough power to provide electricity for all the appliances inside a regular home so if this is your goal then you are better off with a conventional portable generator or a home standby generator.

Inverter generators are more handy on camping and RV trips or for when you only wish to power a few household electrical appliances. When not a lot of power is needed you can make use of the design advantages of an inverter generator.

When You Cannot Make Much Noise

Inverter generators are a lot more quiet than most regular fuel-powered generators. This has to do with how much control an inverter generator has over its power.

Inverter generators can adjust how much power it is using to how much power is actually being used by the connected devices. This often saves on energy output which in turn makes the entire machine quieter.

Another quietening factor is that inverter generator design pays more attention to mufflers and noise canceling technology. Basically, inverter generators are designed to be more quiet.

When You Need a Very Portable Device

Another design focus of inverter generators is its portability. Inverter generators don’t produce as much power as a regular generator which also means that its engine is smaller.

A smaller engine means that the general design can also be made more compact. This is why inverter generators tend to be more lightweight and have smaller dimensions.

Many inverter generators have a hand-carry design meaning that you can easily bring them along anywhere. This makes them a great energy source for camping trips when you don’t want to pack too much.

When Price Is Not an Issue

Because of their smaller design, stable power, energy-efficiency and lower decibels, inverter generators tend to be more expensive than comparable conventional generators. However, the price tag comes with a list of advantages over other generator types.

When design and advanced technology is what matters most to you, then an inverter generator is the better choice. Even with the greater price tag.

If you have the budget, an inverter generator offers a lot of advantages over conventional fuel-powered generators. They are lighter, quieter and produce electricity that is safe for sensitive devices.